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Don't deal with this website. First anything they write on the website about what will happen if you purchase is bulls. You have no idea how long shipping will take (5 days and counting since I purchased and they took out of my account the funds) and you will have to call over and over and over to get anyone to answer the phone. If you chat they will give you the standard answers and then nothing will change. Lord help me if they ever do send... Read more

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Ok 15 days total this whole process of getting the device checking it over and getting it approved. OK it is approved already. What is taking so long for the $$$$$ These people are idiots. Will not be doing business with them anymore... Furthermore, I will not be referring them to my family and friends. These people make you wait forever for your money. They do not tell you clearly how long the whole process will take. I was told today that a... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 10
  • #897846

I sent in my Iphone 6splus on july 19,2016. Now it's Aug.9,2016 they have my phone and my money. Nothing has been done to fix this. I have never been ognored as bad as by, GAZELLE.COM.

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I purchased an iPhone 5S in October 2015. A quick check of the charging cord showed that it was working (at least one time). I then was using another lightening cord. Going back to the Gazelle furnished cord this past week, it won't charge & the phone shows "this cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone." I wrote to Gazelle (twice) & they won't replace the cord beyond 30 days from purchase. I understand... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 27
  • #889370

Wish I would have found this site before sending them my phone. They offered $40 for Galaxy S4 which was working perfectly when I put it in their box to ship to them. I received and email saying the new offer was $0 because it would not turn on. BS!!!!!!! I will see if they actually send my phone back. I have my doubts. This place is a total scam!!!!

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Gazelle just robbed me, I was promised $40 for a pristine nexus 5. instead they sent me an email today "Good news, your payment is on its way!" I am getting a check for $5. Who the *** is this good news for??? !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$% !@#$%... Read more

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I bought not one, but two iPhone 6's from Gazelle. Each of them came with a defect consistent with being caused by replacing the screen in a faulty manner. So Gazelle purposefully sold me a defective phone under the guise that it was in working condition. When I decided to return these phones, one of the phones got "lost" and they refuse to provide a refund. The other phone was refunded for the original price of the phone, not including the... Read more

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I sent a s6 which they said they couldnt pay for this reason Model Change: We discovered that the Cell Phone you sent in is actually a different model. Because different models have distinct values, this affects the offer we can make. You identified your gadget as a Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F 64GB (Unlocked), but it is actually a Samsung Unsupported Model. Unsupported model: We discovered that the Cell Phone you sent in is actually a different... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 11
  • #863865

Good company, you can trust them.

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The battery never held a charge, and I tried everything! I went online, I spoke to Gazelle, who told me to try this and that...all made no difference. Then the 30 day warranty expired and I couldn't send it back. I messaged Gazelle and they were indifferent, their warranty had expired. They could have at least mentioned the phone was still under Apple's manufacturer warranty --but why should they bother ?? Apparently it's my problem not theirs.... Read more

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