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Gazelle - Never again
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This is my first and last transaction with Gazelle. I read articles beforehand and thought I was dealing with a reputable, experienced, and organized company. I've had problem after problem, after even more problems on top of that... The only good in any of this is: 1)How quickly Gazelle inspects devices and contacts people (though that speed causes errors obviously), and 2)The excellent communication I've had with higher-ups to resolve the... Read more

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I should have never trusted reviews! The first time I sent in my phone, Gazelle said it still had my Google account on it and offered $20 (on a $165 phone). I didn't think this was possible since I wiped the phone clean (factory-reset), but double-checked on my Google account and sure enough it was still on there. Though I had already indicated that I wanted the phone sent back (which Gazelle couldn't reverse). I was frustrated by... Read more

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I have been paying $43.30 for the last six months through After contacting them, I was told the money was paid to your company. I am unfamiliar with your company and have never made a transaction with your company. How can I get my money back. Please send dates of purchase/trade, amounts transacted, and any other information that is pertinent to this issue. Please respond as soon as possible, so that this issue can be resolved. If... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 16
  • #956362

Bought a refurbished IPhone 6 from Gazelle. At the onset, the charger didn't work so I wrote them when they requested customer feedback. No response after 2 months although I get constant PR from the company. Also my battery is providing minimal service. I will never buy from Gazelle again.

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I sent in two cellphones to gazelle over a month ago, and still haven't received any type of payment. They supposedly sent out checks a second time. Im pissed its been over a month with no payment for my phones, my next step is to take legal action in order to get paid. Read more

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I had an interview for an Office Manager position. They told me I had the job and they said they would be calling me in a week to have me start. I never heard from them again. Nothing. Really messed up to do to somebody. I traveled to Oakland to interview and thought I was going to have a job for a week when I could have been looking for legitimate employment elsewhere. They boasted about how things were going to blow up and things were going to... Read more

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This site gives you a high price to lure you into sending your phone to them. It takes forever for their box to arrive. Then it takes forever for them to "assess" your phone, and then they pay you 40% LESS than the original price they quoted!!! They "find" problems or scratches that were never there!!! I had my phone for only one year and ALWAYS had the most expensive OTTER case on it. ALWAYS!!! And the most expensive glass protector!!! ... Read more

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Mailed off my devices ipad2 and iPod classic in their pre paid boxes. They claimed they never got the items. I contacted customer service after a couple of weeks and they said this is an issue for you to take up with the post office. Will never ever suggest anyone use them. There must be better places out there. I could have sold them on eBay for a little more money but did not want to go thru the hassle of listing etc. what ever you do. Did... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 19
  • #939354

After posting my complaint Gazelle reevaluated the phone, stated that it was in working condition, and changed their offer to $115.00 for the phone.

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On September 18 I mailed an iPhone 6S silver AT&T to Gazelle for $282 reimbursement. This phone was erased by the head of IT at my company. iTunes sent me a verification that this phone had been removed from Find My Phone. On September 25 , Gazelle sent me an email saying that the phone was locked by an Apple ID. Again, I had the head of IT check my Apple ID and it was not being used for this phone. I asked Gazelle to return my phone so... Read more

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