Gazelle Apple Cell Phone Trade-in Reviews

This site gives you a high price to lure you into sending your phone to them.It takes forever for their box to arrive. Then it takes forever for them to "assess" your phone, and then they pay you 40% LESS than the original price they quoted!!! They "find" problems or scratches that were never there!!! I had my phone for only one year and ALWAYS had the most expensive OTTER case on it. ALWAYS!!! And the most expensive glass protector!!! Always!!!...
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I didn't like
  • Total scam business
  • False advertising
  • Bait and switch total scam tactic
On September 18 I mailed an iPhone 6S silver AT&T to Gazelle for $282 reimbursement. This phone was erased by the head of IT at my company. iTunes sent me a verification that this phone had been removed from Find My Phone. On September 25 , Gazelle sent me an email saying that the phone was locked by an Apple ID. Again, I had the head of IT check my Apple ID and it was not being used for this phone. I asked Gazelle to return my phone so...
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Sent them an unlocked iPhone 6S, shut off find my iPhone (have the apple confirmation of removal from my account) two weeks later I get emails saying its locked to Find My iPhone and the price would be reduced from, $280 to $75. I declined and got the phone back to find out it had been activated to a d*** Well, never used yahoo. Contacted apple and we tracked down this was my iPhone but had been reactivated by Gazelle on a date when...
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