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So when you type in google if Gazelle is a scam the first thing you get in search is http://www.gazelle.com/is-gazelle-a-scam and it says it's BBB Accredited? Haha So any one can have a business and go to the BBB site and try to say there Accredited well, there only Accredited in boston where this place is founded, and also the review is by CustumerCare@Gazelle.com. Now if you go to the real bbb.org site you see this same review, now look below it? if you scroll down it clearly states that Gazelle is under review in every other state and is NOT Accredited by the BBB.

(don't use gazelle if you have already been ripped off file a complaint with the bbb, and get a lawyer, trust me others have!)

Ps your welcome and just remember research before you get scammed it doesn't take much to see threw the thin lies!

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They accepted my iPhone X, claimed it was an iPhone 7 Plus model, and dropped my estimate by half. I have absolutely no recourse. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.


Did the exact same thing to me. Claimed my 6s 128Gb iPhone wasn’t that and dropped price by more than half.


Total scammers. They figure once they’ve got the phone, you’ll suck it up.


The Gazelle is horrible company that you should never deal with it.

They quote $250 per my 2 Samsung Galaxy note 5 64 gb phones, but they told me my phones are 32 gb rather than 64 gb.

I requested them to re-check it again but still saying 32 gb.

They will pay me $150 per phone.

Please do not deal with this company.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1199846

Gazelle sells stolen phones! I purchased a phone almost a month ago (iPhone 6A plus 64gb) been using the phone with metropcs service with no issues for a month.

All of a sudden my phone has been saying no service for 2 days. I find out my phone is blacklisted!

I called gazelle and the representative told me that they do not check to see if the imei is clean they "trust" their customers! Will never buy from them again!


I sold my iPhone 6 on gazelle and never even received my money for it and when I called to ask about it every time they hung up on me .

to Anonymous #1419926

Did you get refund


Thanks for the info, but please note:

-It's "their" for possessive (as in it's their scam) not "there" (as in their scam is over there)

-It's "you're" for "you are" ( as in you're welcome, not "your" (as in that's your scam)

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1013434

So its truly fake correct?


I sent my galaxy s5 to gazelle and when they got it they said it was empty!! i want to sue them now!

Providence, Rhode Island, United States #883808



If this isn't a rip off I don't know what is - an offer of $35 for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi that is STILL under warranty until the end of May and in perfect shape. If you're *** enough to deal with these idiots you deserve what you get.

they have a commercial and it looks so fake i dont see why they cant get off there lazy but and go to work like the rest of us :? :? :? :? :( :( :( :( :x :x :x :x :x :x
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( i hate when people spam u like this it gets so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

What's so difficult about selling stuff on eBay? Get off your lazy *** and get the money you deserve. They're quoted prices are pathetic.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #727747

I was scammed like many others but fortunate enough to get the full amount initially promised. Sent them a pristine IPhone and they paid only 25% of the quoted price.

when I asked that they return my phone they said "too bad, already sold." Took a lot of effort on my part (sharing my story with tech friends and contacts) to get the money promised.

This company is so crooked that when you go on to the review section of their website there is no place to post a review-it's all fake! I'm shocked they haven't been shut down yet

West Babylon, New York, United States #725793

Gazelle has to be a ripoff. $150 for my Galaxy S3. I can sell it ebay for over $300.

Upland, California, United States #725172

I used Gazelle and was quoted $110 for my Iphone 4. They kept me informed every step of the way through email.

They let me know they received it, reviewed it, how much I was getting and when they deposited the money into my pay pal account. They also notified me that my phone was in better shape then they thought and gave me an extra $10. The day they told me they were putting my money into my paypal account, paypal notified me and said that money had been credited. I have another phone I cannot use.

I don't find them to be a scam.

The whole process from them mailing me the box with return label to me receiving my money was 8 days.

to Bree #779673
well it think it is a spam cause they want even send u cash when u need it i mean thers amozon but they cant send cash it wont hurt them :? :? :? :? :? :? :x :x :x :x :x :roll :roll :roll :roll
to Bree Orem, Utah, United States #1021109

Show us proof u got mony

It fake customer too


Folks, Gazelle is not a scam. Plain and simple, it is a service. It is not going to give you top dollar for your stuff because it is a middle man so you don't have to go selling on ebay or meet craigslist weirdos. Plenty of people do that kind of thing, but the majority of our country does not. The only time I've ever heard someone say something like this is a scam is when they send the wrong phone, don't understand how it works, or are expecting some big payout for their *** phone from 3 years ago. I have plenty of friends who have used Gazelle specifically, and have had no issues. I've used them a few times and everything was quick and easy. I challenge anyone here to try using another service and try to get in touch with customer service, or get any kind of idea as to what the status is, you won't be able to. If something goes wrong, they just send it back to you with no explanation.

You can say Gazelle is a scam all you want, but if just about everyone I know who has used them has received payment even one time in the amount Gazelle said they would, doesn't that completely disqualify you're argument?

Or are you saying they decide to only scam people SOMETIMES? Haha.

Logic will prevail if you begin taking on some accountability instead of offloading responsibility for your lack of creativity when it comes to getting top dollar, if that is your goal. This type of service is not meant to replace ebay and craigslist. It is meant to replace the hassle and time! I'm glad to trade off a few bucks for a simple low touch deal. Just cuz you got burned by your own negligence doesn't give you the right to trashtalk companies as a "scam". I'm a business owner, and I just couldn't help voicing my opinion on people who want something for nothing - constantly. Good luck to ya!

PS. If you send Gazelle something and they disagree with you and change the price, contact them!!! Hello? Am I the only one here who gets this? I had a small hiccup with a model on a phone, contacted them, and it was fixed and paid in the next day or two.

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