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Update by user Nov 30, 2016

I searched google for GAZELLE TEAM to find the names of managers. And also LINKEDIN.

No need to pay for a LinkedIn account. ALL YOU NEED IS THEIR NAMES TO FIND THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES. JUST USE THIS FORMAT: First initial + Last name + @gazelle. The best person I contacted is the Senior Manager of Electronics Processing, Dan Brummert (DBrummert@__________) ...

Though Jake Dennehy from Gazelle Customer Care was also helpful (JDennehy@__________).

It's too bad we have to bother higher ups to get results. Some of these other email addresses might be old, but here you go: Bkatz@_______, Dfleig@_________, PR@__________, Mmanrique@________, Ypitko@________, Mcurley@________, CVetere@________, Rrobison@_______, Ctsatsopoulos@________, MReynoldsperry@________, Jgraziano@________, Kswain@______, MMcarthy@______, JJarrell@_______, Bdavis@_____, CDevoto@_______, MHowarth@______, SCraven@______, Lwalker@_______, Kmartin@_______, TDam@________, DMaquera@_______, Akim@________, SJames@_____, CGonzales@_____, CGonzalves@______, Mperry@______, Mhibdon@______, Sdraven@_______

I realize the higher-up managers have better things to do, but if you have a real problem then this is how to ensure it gets resolved.Hoping this helps someone.

Update by user Nov 30, 2016

To avoid the risks and hassle, I recommend a local retail store instead. You may end up with a gift card or less money, but it's much better than the situation I went through.

If you're absolutely sure you want to use an online company, please remember shipping to (and from) has it's risks. Gazelle's boxes aren't big enough for sufficient cushioning. And if they return the device to you, it's coming by First Class Mail (no insurance). At least on it's way there, your Gazelle device is sent by prepaid Priority Mail (which has $50 coverage for free).

If you decide to go with another company, know that Gazelle has some good qualities in comparison. Gazelle is one of the first, most well-known, most recommended in countless articles, and is contracted with stores like Walmart to take used electronics. I spoke with previous employees and asked about any dishonest practices. I was always told that they are a good company, and that higher-ups are concerned with customer satisfaction.

So I do trust Gazelle. Though I believe the problems I had were caused by a variety of factors: 1)Disorganization, 2)Lack of supervision, 3)Evaluators forced to meet quotas, 4)Errors in Gazelle's payment system (an on-going problem I noticed, based on reviews). Gazelle has to compete with other companies, so it seems they're too focused on speed. A LOT of the negative reviews I've seen on this site (and others) could've been prevented if Gazelle had just focused on accuracy.

Like everyone out there, I wanted the highest value for my device. BUT chose Gazelle's offer ($165) over the highest ($211) offer I received because Gazelle is a well-known and trusted company. I believed I'd be getting a smooth transaction, but found that they couldn't provide that unfortunately. I hope they will improve in several areas.

The manager who emailed me said they were going to be making some changes (such as physical modifications to their workstations to help ensure employees check-in one device at a time). He liked that I had photos of my device from all angles, as well as the serial number (taken before sending my phone in). And he said he will start an initiative with the marketing team to have customers take pictures of their devices as part of the "preparing your device" steps recommended to do before shipping. I highly recommended it too.

Be sure to clean your device and take an honest look at it's condition. THE BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE ANYONE IS TO CONTACT HIGHER-UPS BY EMAIL FOR HELP IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG IN YOUR TRANSACTION. I hate that Gazelle gives you 5 days to accept or decline an adjusted offer. I panicked and knew customer service would barely help (based on reviews and my own experience with them).

I knew other people had requested re-evaluations in the past and was glad to know Gazelle would do it. BUT I didn't want to worry about getting an unfair reassessment. I had already asked them for photos of the damage they claimed my phone had (they ignored me). I asked for the serial number to be matched up (they ignored this too).

So their basic customer service and communication with evaluators is extremely lacking. It seems the only way to get some real help is by contacting higher-ups. Very shocking and very sad. I believe their managers have better things to do.

BUT it's their company and if that's how they want to run it, your only choice as a customer is to accept this or go elsewhere. AGAIN, CONTACTING MANAGERS VIA EMAIL IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET REAL HELP FROM THIS COMPANY. As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets greased. It's not fun searching Google endlessly for the CEO and senior managers email addresses.

But it works wonders. I've done this before with other companies and eventually you'll reach the right person who can do something to help you. Be very kind in your message and politely ask for help. Explain every detail about the problem.

Provide the Gazelle ID and Box ID (from the email Gazelle sent you). Give dates, serial numbers, your name, email address, any pictures you have, etc. And forward emails. Gazelle higher ups are concerned with customer satisfaction and will help you.

Be sure to send around emails to A LOT of people (as many email addresses you can find). This helps ensure that they will have heard about your issue multiple times to where they will surely be reminded to solve it. I spent quite a few hours doing all this, and hated that it was my only choice. But in the end, it worked and solved my problem.

I received the full value I was due for my flawless cell phone. I'm only sorry that Gazelle doesn't have better general customer service that I had to resort to an email writing campaign.

If I could see the end from the beginning, I never would've sent my device in to Gazelle. That $150 Best Buy gift card I had passed up was looking like a better option.

Original review posted by user Nov 29, 2016

This is my first and last transaction with Gazelle. I read articles beforehand and thought I was dealing with a reputable, experienced, and organized company.

I've had problem after problem, after even more problems on top of that... The only good in any of this is: 1)How quickly Gazelle inspects devices and contacts people (though that speed causes errors obviously), and 2)The excellent communication I've had with higher-ups to resolve the problems (which are not fully solved as of current). (NOV. 14) Took pictures of phone condition and serial number (NOV.

14) Sent phone in thick packaging (expecting $165) (NOV. 18) Gazelle said "$20 because Google account is still on it" (NOV. 18) Declined offer, then learned how to remove account via PC (NOV. 18) Asked Gazelle not to send device back.

Was told, "Too late" (NOV. 19) Angry that Gazelle doesn't inform how to remove on my end (NOV. 19) Angry that FAQs don't say "factory-reset doesn't remove account" (NOV. 21) Phone sent back to me with thin layer of packaging at bottom of box (somehow still in perfect condition).

(NOV. 22) Repackaged phone with thick cushioning and sent back in (NOV. 25) Gazelle said "$60 for scratches and cracks" (WTF?) (NOV. 26) I spend my weekend emailing every Gazelle higher-up I can find HINT: Google news articles mentioning their names, then use this format: First inital + Last name (NOV.

27) Emailed my photos and serial number to confirm (mix-up?) (NOV. 28) Gazelle higher-ups respond, inspect device personally, and see it's in perfect condition (NOV. 28) Was told mistake happened because employee broke rules and inspected 2 devices at once (causing a mix-up) (NOV. 28) Full $165 is promised and I receive several apologizes.


28) Only $80 payment arrives (via Paypal) (NOV. 29) Must email higher-ups again to get remaining $85 due to me

Product or Service Mentioned: Gazelle Samsung Cell Phone Trade-in.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $85.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Fast turn-around, Speedy emails with higher-ups, Decent price.

I didn't like: Poor communication to non-tech savy customers, Unable to intercept return package, Inability to communicate to other gazelle departments, Insufficient return packaging materials, Slow payment processing.

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