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I got an offer of $200 for my iPhone 5. I accepted the offer and sent them a perfect phone. Today they emailed me that upon inspection the back of the phone was cracked and dropped the offer to $70! WHAT?!!

I sent a perfect phone. I had to go online chat and send these same pix along with the serial number. They say they will get back in two business days. This company is a total ripoff and I feel scammed. How do they get away with this????

Think twice. Take it to best buy or any other competition.

Reason of review: liars.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1284959

Why would you send a phone to someone prior to payment? How are you possibly surprised that they ran a scam on you?

Seriously, you do NOT send a product PRIOR to payment, EVER!

Next time list it on Amazon, that way your protected and plus you'll get paid. I still can't believe how surprised you are that you got scammed, you set yourself up perfectly.

to Anonymous Inkster, Michigan, United States #1285077

Please don't yell at or lecture anyone. Gazelle is a large business that requires you send the phone in first before they'll pay you.

It's true that Ebay and Amazon sellers get payment first before sending out the item, but they can be scammed too unfortunately after the transaction.

Buyers claim "unauthorized card use", item arrived damaged, etc. Nothing is 100% safe except trading in person (Craigslist, BestBuy, Target, Walmart).

to Anonymous #1533052

that way your protected that way you're protected

to Nana Tilda #1533056

My 1st reply did not post as intended. I used symbol emojis, one being an X after "that way your protected" and a check mark after the correction.

Inkster, Michigan, United States #1247894

In my situation, an evaluator was checking 2 phones at the same time and mixed up the condition. They're only supposed to check one device at a time.

Did you put enough cushioning in the box when you shipped it to them? Cracks could happen, though scratches wouldn't of. That indicates there was very likely a mix-up. Ask that they prioritize your re-evaluation.

Dan Brummert (Senior Manager) was willing to look at my device personally and found it was flawless just as I had stated. I got the full value for my phone. THOUGH WATCH, Gazelle's payment system has errors and you might get the lower value ($70) at first. Then you'll have to contact them again to make it right.

That happened to me and other people (I read on reviews). Even as far back as October.

Inkster, Michigan, United States #1247892
This happened to me a few days ago (with my Samsung Galaxy Edge S6). My problem got resolved because I contacted these two people: Senior Manager of Electronics Processing, Dan Brummert (DBrummert@__________) ...

Though Jake Dennehy from Gazelle Customer Care was helpful also (JDennehy@__________).

It's too bad we have to bother higher ups to get results. Fill in the blanks with 'gazelle' dot com :)

Tell them the deals off & to send your phone back to you

to Nlpope #1533141
They'll mail it back without padding unfortunately. My phone arrived OK, but yours may not be so lucky.

I was pissed that it came back that way when I had cushioned it so well. :(
New York, New York, United States #998357

Someone needs to take legal action against Metro PCS to put a stop to the financial abuses against customers .

Mountain View, California, United States #972804

Wait, you posted your phone to someone prior to receiving payment?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #914417

Not surprised! Go with android next time! Apple is a scam - feel sorry for all the people brainwashed (as I once was).

to tochiandcoral #916991

This is a review about Gazelle, not Apple or the iPhone. Are you f0cking r3tarded?

to Anonymous #984760

no, but you are!


They just emailed me and told me the phone I sent them was a 'lost' or 'stolen' phone! I bought it on ebay.

But Verizon activated it! Wouldn't they have known?

to *** me Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1284960

You need to contact EBAY immediately and tell them what happened so they can take care of it, you should be protected per EBAY Policy.

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